This page contains information about the satisfiability (SAT) and maximum satisfiability (MAX-SAT) problems. It also includes  WinSAT a research tool with a few stochastic algorithms that you can use to investigate problems and compare results.
  • SAT and MAX-SAT for the Lay-Researcher: This page contains general information about SAT, MAX-SAT, applications, search methods, and some landscape analysis information.
  • Download WinSAT: click on this link to download a WinSAT. Install the file on your computer. WinSAT works on Windows XP and Windows Vista (it might also work on Windows 2000, but I haven't tried that. It should work). It also includes some CNF sample files.
  • WinSAT Help: This page contains the information on how to use the WinSAT program.
  • The performance of WinSat: This page show the performance of WinSat's different algorithms.


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